Welcome to the pintxflaw.com site. Our goal here is to provide a central repository of all Onewheel Pint X boards that contain the BMS Wiring harness design flaw. Please view the tab labeled “Photo Gallery of Damage”!


From what we can tell all Pint X’s produced have a design flaw within the battery box that causes the wiring to chafe again the battery balancing / thermistor wiring. Over time and dependant upon riding conditions this can cause the wiring insulation to either be shredded, flattened, and/or break off entirely causing a potential fire hazard and possible injury to the rider if the board suddenly shuts down. Additional reports have also been made on the negative wire coming from the battery pack itself (the XT60 power feed) becoming broken and causing the board to suddenly lose power. Future Motion currently (06/2023) claims the BMS is capable of detecting errors and causing the board to initiate extreme pushback, however that’s impossible if wires are shorting or physically becoming disconnected.

Some examples are below and additional information including how to inspect, future motions response, and the community gallery are posted above. If you wish to report this issue so we can add you to the site please email us

Float on and be safe!

Update: 6/15/2023: Future Motion has responded regarding battery issues on the Pint X.  We are unsure what the fix is but for those who are experiencing errors and/or are uncomfortable opening their boards for inspection this could be a good option.  We ask anyone who has done this to please let us know how the process went.