Photo Gallery of Damage

"The battery compartment for the Pint X was designed to house the larger battery pack and the build has been verified and approved by our QA team." - Future Motion 02/2023

"There have been no confirmed issues with the design of the Pint X." - Future Motion 02/2023

We’d like to make our goal here clear, it is for documentation. All members of the Onewheel community know rider safety is a concern that all of us share. Riders deserve to know about any potential design flaw that can injure them. This is why we felt obligated to consolidate every report we can into one convenient place. Please browse this gallery, and express your opinion with others if you agree with Future Motion’s current response.

I’d like to think that u/CodedGames may be our first case of a Crash Prevention. I did not ever think that we would be able to document a case like this. In my opinion, this is clear and blatant evidence that there is an unknown number of Pint X’s currently being ridden that look exactly like this. A negative lead completing a circuit simply by pressure, total board failure moments away for who knows how long?

u/Glitch_Ghoul is our second case of, in my opinion, another probable Crash Prevention. I’d like to take a moment to thank every single person who shared this site. As a group, we are preventing injuries and keeping riders informed.

Due to the amount of exposed copper in this picture, we’d like to believe this is another case of a probable Crash Prevention. We will be on the look out for more, if not us then who?

If you have looked at Leaderboards, you already know who this is. SoulDagger (Lou). This is our second case of a rider opening a working Pint X, (no error codes by the way @Future Motion) and finding out that they have been riding on a severed (-) main power lead for who knows how long? How many boards are being ridden right now that look exactly like this? How many other riders are in danger because of this? Where is a real recall?

This is another clear example of Crash Prevention. We will hold rider safety as our number one priority and this site will be updated frequently.

Enlarged image of Baylor's






(Very slight crimp on (+) lead)